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halloween traditions.ppsx HALLOWEEN poem 4 by me.pdf EXERCISES.pdf flashcards 3.pdf multiple choice 1.ppsx halloween2.pdf match and copy by me.pdf Haloween colors   by me.ppsx HALLOWEEN  NIGHT lettura con eserc by me.pdf HALLOWEEN.pdf read and color trick or treat by me.pdf EXERCISES BLACK AND WHITE.pdf vocabulary.pdf halloween colors  rhyme by me book.pdf

Booklet: cut in half the pages and staple

flashcards 1.pdf flashcards 2.pdf color by number 2 by me.pdf Halloween costumes BY ME.ppsx HALLOWEEN 2 by me.pdf missing letters.pdf halloween reading.pdf jack per 3.pdf HALLOWEEN ORIGIN AND TRADITIONS by me.pdf HALLOWEEN 10-10.pdf halloween color by number.pdf pz25-word-halloween.pdf pz26-word-halloween.pdf color-3-d-haunted-house.pdf find-halloween-words.pdf halloween trace.pdf halloween song.pdf halloween 11-10.2016.pdf HALLOWEEN  8-10-2016.pdf halloween 9-10-2016.pdf halloween 12-10-2016.pdf halloween 13-10-2016.pdf halloween 15-10-2016.pdf

Songs with link to youtube

bag 21.10.16.pdf witch 21.10.16.pdf halloween 20-10-2016.pdf halloween quiz 20-10-2016.pdf halloween 7-10-2017.pdf halloween 6-10-2017.pdf halloween 20-10-2017.pdf hALLOWEEN-CLOTHES 21-10-2017.pdf halloween  CLOTHES 22-10-2017.pdf halloween -PREPOSITIONS 28-10-2017.pdf HALLOWEEN- PREPOSITIONS.pdf