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Dalla mia esperienza  la mia grammatica per le classi 3^,4^,5^ della scuola primaria  in un volume unico

miei prodotti editoriali

New edition

A BALL FOR  DAISY.ppsx ONE SNOWY NIGHT.ppsx mary poppins 2.pdf snowman.ppsx very hungry caterpillar al presente by me.ppsx very hungry caterpillar.pdf

Booklet of 7 pages.

Brown Bear  what do you see  BY ME.pdf

Playscript of 2 pages.

very hungry cater copione x recita  mia 2012.pdf

Booklet of 3 pages.

very hungry caterpillar  minibook by me.pdf pooh.pdf elmer2.pdf a cover.pdf a cover page 1.pdf a cover page 2.pdf a cover page 3.pdf a cover page 4.pdf a cover page 5.pdf click for the video on Youtube animali - letture- storie.pdf fiabe dear zoo.pdf WINNIE THE POOH BY ME.ppsx fiabe e storie 23-3.ppsx DEAR ZOO 27-3.ppsx dear zoo 5.pdf dear zoo 3.pdf dear zoo page 4.pdf tasche 151016.pdf brown bear 21016.pdf fiori 151016.pdf Brown Bear  what do you see  (testo)-.pdf a ball for daisy piccolo.pdf

Booklet of 3 pages.

crossowrd 2 in 1.pdf caterpillar 101016.pdf caterpillar 10-10-2016.pdf the frog family 151016.ppsx frog family 6.pdf frog family.pdf caterpillar 16-10-2016.pdf cover lapbook.pdf BFG Wordsearch.pdf a christmas carol by me1.pdf BFG Wordsearch 2.pdf BFG VASES.pdf bfg 1.pdf BFG - DAHL.pdf bfg 2-2-2017.pdf DESCRIBE.pdf mary poppyns 3.pdf mary poppyns 4.pdf ETICHETTE.pdf mary poppins 5.pdf mary poppins 6.pdf classroom language - storytelling 27-8-2018 G.pdf classroom language - storytelling 27-8-2018 b.pdf classroom language - storytelling 27-8-2018 A.pdf

Make a book: color, cut and staple.


Mary Poppins

The Canterville Ghost

OSCAR  WILDE.pdf virginia and ghost.pdf 2 in 1 family.pdf the story.pdf report.pdf

Winnie the witch

Winnie the Witch  story by me 2.pdf PORTE.pdf description.pdf wordsearch.pdf Paddington Bear by me.ppsx Paddington 19-8-2022.pdf paddington 12-8-2022.pdf Paddington 5-8-2022.pdf paddington 4-8-2022.pdf

Paddington Bear

A Christmas Carol

copertina.pdf traditions.pdf SONGS.pdf doc2.pdf christmas 8-12-2022.pdf carol.pdf christmas carol 3-12-2022.pdf BOOKLET PART A storytelling-emotions.pdf BOOKLET PART B storyelling-emotions.pdf BOOKLET PART C storytelling-emotions.pdf COLOR MONSTER storytelling-emotions.pdf