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AT THE PARK-.pdf complete the dialogue.pdf Match  the  questions  and  the  answers BY ME.pdf revision questions and answers cl 5.pdf revision questions and answers cl.4.pdf revision strutture e vocabolario.pdf dialogues + revision (2).pdf dialogues + revision.pdf dialogo e general vocabulary.pdf dialoghi.pdf my name is by me.pdf STRUTTURE.pdf CONVERSATION DIALOGHI REVISION.ppsx letture-presentarsi- descrivere persone-DIALOGHI.pdf dialoghi presentarsi revision -età- numeri, mesi.pdf revision,personal information, dialogues,letture.pdf anni - mesi- dialoghi.pdf readings- describing people- dialogues.pdf dialoghi-conversazione TEST 2.pdf dialoghi-conversazione 12-1-2016.pdf DIALOGHI conversazione  13-1 -2016.pdf DIALOGHI  CONVERSATION test.pdf dialogues- general vocabulary 21-8-2016.pdf number-dialoghi-introducing people- 26-9-2016.pdf revision - dialogue - greetings 17-8-2017.pdf revision - dialogue - greetings 18-8-2017.pdf DIALOGUE - revision 22-8-2017.pdf dialoghi - revision 7-9-2017.pdf dialoghi - revision - presentarsi 29-7-2018.pdf presentarsi-dialoghi . revision 20-7-2018.pdf