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winter MONTHS OF THE YEAR BY ME.ppsx DAYS OF THE WEEK.ppsx stagioni multipl choice.ppsx days trace and rhyme by me.pdf 2 in 1 months and sesons by me.pdf Parts of the day 2 by me pdf.ppsx by me Parts day game pdf.ppsx name birthday age pdf.png mesi.ppsx anni e mesi.pdf months.pdf seasons 0415.pdf dialoghi presentarsi revision -età- numeri, mesi.pdf revision mesi.pdf anni - mesi- dialoghi.pdf months 15-10.pdf seasons 19-8-2016.pdf revision- months days seasons 2-8-2016.pdf numeri - mesi 17-9-2016.pdf MESI STAGIONI GIORNI 1-11-2016.pdf months 1.11.2017.pdf months 31-10-2017.pdf months- seasons-revision vocabulary 29-7-2018.pdf personal information - readings - revision 30-7-2018.pdf