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Dear  santa.ppsx Rudolph the red nose reindeer story by me.ppsx Christmas   Pictionary by me.pdf Christmas  wishes.pdf COLOR THE CHRISTMAS SCENE 2.pdf decorate the room for Christmas.pdf rudolph the red nose reindeer- con storia.pdf The story of Rudolph the red book.pdf

An easy booklet.

Cut in half and staple.

CHRISTMAS IN GREAT BRITAIN AND  USA BY ME.pps snowflakes' waltz.pdf CHRISTMAS complete the words by me.pdf santa.pdf COLOR BY NUMBER.pdf match.pdf christmas word scramble.pdf Christmas in Australia by me.pdf card 3.pdf card 2.pdf card 1.pdf boxes.pdf alphabet.pdf cards.pdf card 1 (2).pdf christmas match.pdf chirstmas color by number.pdf christmas fun.pdf CHRISTMAS MATCHING.pdf CHRISTMAS PICTIONARY.pdf christmas CL 1.pdf christmas TRACE CL 1.pdf CHRISTMAS ALPHABET  booklet.pdf

An easy booklet of 10 pages in double copy.

Cut in half and staple.

cards 1-2911.pdf card 4-2911.pdf card 6-2911.pdf christmas 4-12.pdf christmas 5-12.pdf christmas 11-12.pdf christmas 7-12.pdf I simboli del Natale ed il loro significato,.pdf CHRISTMAS IN GREAT BRITAIN.pdf christmas 9-11-2016.pdf christmas 10-11-2016.pdf CHRISTMAS 1811-2016.pdf christmas 26-11-2016.pdf Christmas in Great Britain 2016.pdf christmas 27-11-2016.pdf christmas 2611-2016.pdf christmas 28-11-2016.pdf christmas 30-11-2016.pdf christmas 12-12-2016.pdf a christmas carol by me1.pdf christmas 20-11-2017.pdf Christmas 22-11-2017.pdf Christmas 24-11-2017.pdf CHRISTMAS 26-11-2017.pdf christmas 25-11-2017.pdf christmas 29-11-2017.pdf christmas  abc.pdf CHRISTMAS 8-12-2017.pdf CHRISTMAS 9-12-2017.pdf Christmas 22-12 -2017.pdf