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SALUTI TRACE.pdf Conversation activity cl 3 by me.pps DESCRIBING PEOPLE SPEAKING ACTIVITY BY ME.pps INTRODUCING PEOPLE  by me 2.ppsx GREETINGS.pdf EASY DESCR.CL 3  BY ME.ppsx reading + describing people + introducing people.pdf readings + describing people + introducing people.pdf GREETINGS BY ME.pdf my name is by me.pdf TRACE HELLO.pdf saluti.pdf name birthday age by me.ppsx describing people.pdf presentarsi revision.pdf revision, presentarsi.pdf letture-presentarsi- descrivere persone-DIALOGHI.pdf letture-presentarsi- descrivere persone-DIALOGHI.pdf revision, personal information, describing people,letture.pdf readings- family - introduce yourself- mestieri.pdf letture - saluti e presentazioni -descrivere persone 2-4.pdf letture- saluti e presentazioni- descrivere  persone 3-4.pdf cover  e about me 20-8-2016.pdf number-dialoghi-introducing people- 26-9-2016.pdf INTRODUCING PEOPLE - conversation- numbers.ppsx presentarsi-aggettivi possessivi 21-1-2017.pdf conversation-presentazioni  22-1-2017.ppsx revision - dialogue - greetings 17-8-2017.pdf revision - dialogue - greetings 18-8-2017.pdf describing people-introduce - readings 1-5-2018.pdf dialoghi - revision - presentarsi 29-7-2018.pdf presentarsi-dialoghi . revision 20-7-2018.pdf personal information - readings - revision 30-7-2018.pdf greetings - conversation - family - revision 14-8-2018.pdf