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BODY FOOD house, animsals, adjectives. family by me.pdf daily routine BY ME.pdf revision OGG-SCUOLA, COLORI, NUMERI-.pdf revision questions and answers cl 5.pdf revision strutture e vocabolario-.pdf what is it, what color , where is it by me.ppt SALUTI TRACE-.pdf vocabulary revision by me-.pdf Vocabulary revision CL 5 BY ME-.pdf VOCABULARY REVISION CL. 3-.pdf VOCABULARY REVISION CL. 4-.pdf vocabulary revision-.pdf what is it by me.pdf dialogues + revision.pdf dialogues + revision (2).pdf word-categories.pdf revision 1.pdf STRUTTURE.pdf general vocabulary revision.ppsx revision guess the object BY ME.ppsx revision, presentarsi.png revision mix 2.pdf siple present- revision.png revision,personal information, dialogues,letture.png revision, personal information, describing people,letture.pdf revision mesi.png reision.png dialoghi presentarsi revision -età- numeri, mesi.png presentarsi revision.pdf revision 25-8.pdf revision questions and answers cl.4.pdf revision 2.pdf revision 3.pdf revision 1-8-2016.pdf revision 2-8- 2016.pdf revision 30-7-2016.pdf revisionl 30-7-16.pdf revision   9-2016.pdf revisio- readings 2-8-2016.pdf revision- months days seasons 2-8-2016.pdf revision-school objects- readings.pdf reading - daily routine - revision 8-2016.pdf REVISION CONVERSATION.ppsx CONVERSATION DIALOGHI REVISION.ppsx dialogues- general vocabulary 21-8-2016.pdf revision - dialogue - greetings 17-8-2017.pdf revision - dialogue - greetings 18-8-2017.pdf revision 12_08_2017.pdf revision 14-7-2017.pdf revision 14-8-2017.pdf revision 15-7-2017.pdf DIALOGUE - revision 22-8-2017.pdf vocabulary revision 20-7-2018.pdf vocabulary REVISION 3-7-2018.pdf REVISION VOCABULARY 3-8-2018.pdf reading - school- vocabulary revision 27-7-2018.pdf conversation- general revision 2-8-2018.pdf dialoghi - revision - presentarsi 29-7-2018.pdf personal information - readings - revision 30-7-2018.pdf months- seasons-revision vocabulary 29-7-2018.pdf presentarsi-dialoghi . revision 20-7-2018.pdf casa - prepositions- revision  20-7-2018.pdf school- vocabulary revision 27-7-2018.pdf numbers- colors- revision vocabulary 3-4-2018.pdf greetings - conversation - family - revision 14-8-2018.pdf revision 9-8-2018.pdf